I really appreciate your visiting my website and putting in good words even though it is poor in many ways. I am so sorry for not having answered all of your questions in person. I hate to excuse myself but I am a novice in this area. Actually I don’t know in detail about what’s what. So many words are new to me. All I can do is to search, add and install Plugins. Everything is credited to WordPress.com and its thankful developers. I honor and respect them for devoting themselves to the development of so much wonderful themes, plugins and widgets. In fact I have tried to build a good homepage but endued up wasting time and money each time. WordPress is just what I want. That’s it. Two thumbs up! I believe that anybody can build up his/her own website with WordPress because I can. God richly bless you all! I would like to put up the Plugins I chose and used for my website so that you can consider.

♦ Tutorials for building WordPress

Professional WordPress Website Step by Step Easy and clear explanation about WP.

Get Domain Go Daddy Domain Name.

Webhosting Hostpapa web hosting services.

Change Blog into Website in WP Detailed explanation of how to on YouTube.

Embed mp3 player into WordPress Step by step explanation about how to on YouTube.

Embed Video into WP Installing a WP Video plugin.

Embed A Table into WP Installation of TinyMCE.

Embed PDF File How to Add PDF document.

Social Networking button How to install social networking buttons into WP.

Kaltura Embed videopack.

Set up A Blog in your WP Website Create a website out of WP and add blogs to it.

Create Contact Form 7 How to make a contact form.

Split A Page into multiple Pages Install “Pagination” and add the code <!–nextpage–>.

Sidebar Gallery Show Add an image to the sidebar widget.

Embed Soundslides How to embed soundslides.

Header Sildeshow JQuery Slideshow.

oQey Gallery Image slideshwo with music.

Page Links To Directly link pages to URL outside of WP.

Header Image Collections Top 5 free blog header image.

Christian Header Images A large collection of Christian header images.

Church Header Images A large collection of Church header images.

iWeb2Print Convert Webpage to PDF file to upload e-books to Calibre.

PDFCrowd Convert HTML to PDF online

Thank Me Later You can send an auto e-mail to those who commented on your site.

PhotoBucket More than 1000×300 sized pictures are available here.

Remove WP Comment Box Remove comment box on the wordpress page.