Paperwork softwares are recommended as follows.

New BibleNote: Best, unique, free, well organized, user friendly Bible notetaking software. Follow the following steps: (1), (2) and (3) are required and (4), (5), (6) or (7) depends on cases.

(1) BibleNote>Download>2016×86 Office>Download modules>English>ESV or others

(2) OneNote>File>Options>Add-ins>Go>Bible Note

(3) Sync: OneNote>File>Bible (Bible Study or Comments)>Share or More

(4) After formatting PC: Onedrive>Document>Download OneNote Files>install 2016×86 Office

(5) Delete or Download Folders: Onedrive Web>Document

(6) Manage Backup: File>OneNote>Open Backups>Delete items

(7) Remove Misconceptions: OneNote>left-click>right-click>delete files

Firefox Very convenient search engine compatible with Zotero and others.

Zotero Awesome paperwork software well compatible with Office and Open Office.

MS Office 365 Very useful, convenient and most widely used paperwork tool.

Google Drive Online free word processing software.

OneDrive Access Files Anywhere and Create and work together

Dropbox A free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere.

Copy Sync, Protect, and Share Everywhere.

Box free cloud storage and file sharing services

Otixo Multiple cloud sync.

Primadesk Simplify your life, by bringing together the applications you use

The Word A Very Useful Tool for Accessing Verses Anywhere by Clicking, Highlighting and Copying them.

Shibboleth A very convenient tool for typing Unicode in Hebrew and Greek fonts.

Net Bible Tagger Automatically tag and quote Scripture references on the site.

Reftagger Automatic Scripture tagger supported by Logos Bible.

Google Translator Toolkit Tutorial This is the best translation tool ever been used.

Open Office Document work software alternative to Office.

Windows Live View and store office documents here.

Easybib Great paperwork software well compatible with WorldCat library.

BibMe Automatic bibliography producing tool.

Docstoc Many kinds of documents searchable, uploadable and downloadable.

Zoho Work online with Zoho.

Adobe Reader Most famous and widely used document reading software.

PDF Xchange Viewer Most convenient and multifunctional docs reading software.