Hebrew and Greek Keyboad Installation and Execution   Easy and compatible with English Keyboards.

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Faithlife  The most convenient notetaking Bible available on computers and cell phones alike

Olive Tree Bible  A very convenient notetaking Bible available on both computers and cell phones

Bible Gateway   A very effective notetaking Bible availabe on both computers and cell phones

New Charles Spurgeon Sermon Collection  Download 2800 sermons from the clouds below.

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New Best Scripture Memory Songs 1200  Download them from the  clouds below.

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New STEP Bible Easy and quick to study Biblical Hebrew and Greek languages

Simple e-Sword: Easy to Install and Use, composed of 1800 essential files. Please download below and install.

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e-Sword: the world’s best free Bible software.

Download and Installation Guide

***It is too big for one-click download. You need to download one by one.***

1) Please, go to e-Sword, download and install it.

2) Please, click on Google Drive Link or Onedrive Link, or Amazon Cloud Drive, download each folder, unzip, collect all the unzipped files into one folder, and copy all the files (over 5000 files), including Hebrew and KJV audio files. (*When you unzip, put your cursor on the zip icon, right-click and choose the unzip software you have on your computer to unzip. If it doesn’t work, install 7-Zip and execute it.)

3) Please, go to C-drive, to Program Files (or Program Files (x86)), left-click on e-Sword, remove all the existing files and paste to e-Sword all the copied files with Hebrew and KJV audio folder. That’s it.

4) In case e-Sword is not activated with all files copied to e-Sword of C-drive, the removal of e-Sword from your control panel and re-installation of it will surely work.

5) Please, open e-Sword again. You don’t need to repeat several thousands of actions to install this software.

6) You can add daily updated or added files from Bible Support. Give all grace and glory to God alone. God bless the author and you.

7) You can also download Mysword for Notebooks or Smartphones. It is convenient to keep all the files for later use online. Thanks! Give only to God all the glory, honor, praises and thanks.

In Summary, 1) Download 5000+ e-Sword files 2) Install e-Sword 3) Paste 5000+files into e-Sword 4) Uninstall e-Sword from C-drive 5) Reinstall e-Sword 6) Open e-Sword.

Google Drive LinkOnedrive LinkAmazon Cloud Drive,

If it does not work, please email me via chanshikp@gmail.com and I will send the files directly to you by email.

♣♣♣ Download Over 1,000 Logos Personal Book docx Files

Please click on one of the links below, unzip it and build your own books by following the instructions. 

Go to “Tools” of Logos Bible>”Personal Books”>Click “Add Book”>Enter Title>Enter Author>Click “Change” and upload the image>Click “Add File” and upload files>Click “Build Book”

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Download over 2000 John MacArthur verse by verse sermon files

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New ♦♦♦   207 Bible Verses of Romans in ESV

Download them from the links below, right-click on each item and left-click on Set as desktop background.

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Please click here to get hymns.

NewHebrew Audio Bible Listen Hebrew Bible Verse by Verse on Android.

New  Please access the following link for Hebrew & Greek keyboard installation and typing method.

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TNARS Strongly recommended because it is a totally tuition-free seminary with degree programs, orthodox and strict to reformed doctrines, organized with excellent content and pious and God-loving faculty and mentors. Please click here to get more.

Puritan Reformed Biblical Seminary Strongly Recommended because it is a tuition-free & trustworthy Puritan Reformed Biblical Seminary with degree programs based on Reformed theology with excellent content and pious and God-loving faculty and mentors.

e-Sword This is the best free Bible study software I strongly recommend. You can also download hundreds of additional modules here.

Monergism One of the best and most convenient free libraries for Bible study. Please click here to get more.

New♦♦♦  Jonathan Edwards Center   All the works of Jonathan Edwards available online

Biblical Studies Journal A large collection of Biblical Journals. Please hit here to get more.

Internet Archive The world-largest totally free user-friendly library. Please click here to get more.

Learn Hebrew A series of awesome Hebrew video lectures. Please click here to get more.

Grace to You Sermons Listen or download sermons by John MacArthur. Please click here to get more.

ESV Audio Bible You can search any Bible verse via Scripture Window by highlighting specific verses and righ-clicking on the mouth and listen to it. Please click here to get more.

Zotero a free, easy-to-use tool to help you collect, organize, cite, and share your research sources. Please click here to get more.

StudyLight.org A large collection of 54 Public domain Commentaries Please click here to get more.

Bible Screen Enjoy Bible Screen on all your devices.

OldPath You can download so many beautiful Logos Bible Personal Books docx files.

Logos Personal Books You can download User Contributed docx Personal Books.

Memverse Free Scripture Memory System

Bible Sprout  Very useful Christian Bible Resources helpful to faith growth.

New GIMP An absolutely free cross-platform image editor available for GNU/Linux, OS X, Windows and more operating systems.

Memrise  the best free and user-friendly all language-learning tool

Solid Scan to Word A cheap but the most effective PDF to word converter.